Niger State Facilities Management Agency (NIGFAMA) is charged with the tasks of ensuring proper management and maintenance of all Niger State assets and infrastructure and to help better manage public facilities cost effectively and energy efficiently so that public agencies can better deliver services to the people of Niger State.

NIGFAMA Directs, Supervises, and Evaluates the activities of the departmental heads to ensure effective execution of their responsibilities. Provides professional direction and strategic leadership to the agency for the effective management of the State owned assets.

Established with a vision to ensure sustainable management of state-owned facilities, NIGFAMA operates with a commitment to excellence, transparency, and innovation.



To effectively manage and maintain the state’s facilities, leveraging technology, best practices and skilled workforce to deliver high quality, cost effective and sustainable solutions


To be the forefront of innovation and excellence in facilities management, ensuring sustainable, safe and optimized state-owned infrastructure to empower communities and drive progress


Supervise all aspects of Facilities Management, maintenance with a view to ensure that all public assets, facilities and installations are operating at optimal capacity

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Service Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Safety & Sustainability






what we do

NIGFAMA offers a range of services aimed at maintaining and optimizing the functionalities of Government Facilities across Niger State. These services are essential for MDA's to ensure that their facilities operate efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the key services typically offered by NIGFAMA;

Facility Management

Optimizing the layout and utilization of space within the facilities to maximize efficiency and func...

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Cleaning Service

Cleaning and sanitation services for various facilities,across Niger State

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Emergency Response Planning

Developing and implementing emergency response plans and procedures to address potential threats suc...

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Diesel Supply

We offer various delivery options to meet the needs of Facilities. This include schedule...

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Waste Management

Collection, recycling, and disposal of waste generated within the facility in compliance with regula...

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Technology Integration

Implementing and managing technology solutions such as building automation systems, security systems...

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Latest News


NIGFAMA Partners with Te...

NIGFAMA has announced strategic partnerships with leading technology companies to enhance its Building Automation Systems (BAS). By integrating cuttin...

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NIGFAMA Launches Trainin...

In an effort to enhance the skills and expertise of facility managers, NIGFAMA has launched a comprehensive training program tailored to the needs of...

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NIGFAMA Implements Susta...

NIGFAMA has launched a series of sustainable initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption and promoting environmentally friendly practices in gove...

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